Ethan and Jasmine


This is Ethan, one of my daughter’s friends from school. At the end of March, Ethan will be part of “The Great Wolf Lodge Experiment.” This experiment involves Jack and I taking six adolescents to an indoor waterpark for the weekend. We will have two rooms: one for the boys and one for the girls. My husband will lead the boys group and I will lead the girls group.

0jas-1Jasmine will also be with us, of course. She and Caroline stayed up half the night planning the event. I was proud of them for all of the research they did. They figured out which day would be best by checking the school calendar, and even priced the rooms. They thought the boys should have the room with bunks because they do not like sharing beds, but the girls could have the room with two double beds and a furnished sitting area.

Last night I spoke with parents and today I book the rooms and it is a done deal. The lodge is a fun place for kids. The indoor waterpark is unbelievable and there is also an arcade, little shops, a restaurant, and if it is not just wishful thinking on my part … there is a spa.

Last year, I did not get into the water, but this year, I probably will,Β begrudgingly,Β just so I can keep an eye on these teenagers.

26 thoughts on “Ethan and Jasmine

  1. These are beautiful portraits. The low contrast and serious looks are very emotionally evocative. Though the subjects are adolescents, they come across as possessing adult qualities. I look forward to photos of them at the water park in their adolescent mindset.

  2. So, this is just a friend, right? Do we know his parents? Can you hide his body without drawing attention from the police? These are dad questions. Your husband will know what I’m talking about.

  3. wonderful portraits, particularly the one of Ethan. Something about his eyes … I’ve heard of, but never been to, the Great Wolf Lodge … I look forward to the follow up.

    • Ethan is a great kid! He loves my car, but I suppose at his age, boys just love cars? I’m looking forward to the lodge. I’m sure it will be a learning experience! πŸ™‚

  4. The Great Wolf Lodge, south of Dallas in Texas, is a wonderful place for kids. My daughter takes Boy every year. Last summer she took two of his friends along. It’s nicely up scale to please the adults and tremendous fun for the kids. I love these portraits. Really, really good.


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