Still Life with Blood Orange




I saw some blood oranges in the grocery store the other day and I just knew I would end up photographing them before it was all said and done. I love these oranges. They are delicious. Perfectly tart yet sweet. I also stopped by Goodwill and picked up a few little trinkets and dishes while looking for books. I used the trinkets in some of the shots too. Usually, I just do a series of macro shots for these stills, but I wanted to try something more along the lines what I did with the Ugli Fruit. I have photographed a dozen still lifes since the beginning of fall, so it was a much needed change of pace and I had fun with it.

31 thoughts on “Still Life with Blood Orange

  1. beautiful

    Still Life With Blood Orange sounds like a great Peter Murphy or Morissey record. Maybe a Fiona Apple EP. Can I borrow that line for a story? I’ll name a character Jen as payment.

  2. fantastic, I really love the shot where the orange is laid out like flower petals. Also the Blueberries are like a sting of pearls. Nicely done.
    I’ve never eaten a blood orange are they good? I suppose I should try them.

    • Yes, they are VERY good! I like a bit of tartness to my fruits. They are more tart than regular oranges, but not so bitter you have to put sugar on them. The flower-petal shot was probably my favorite of the batch, although I had fun with the set-ups!

  3. I love your use of props. It’s a nice change of pace. I cannot choose a favourite, which is highly irregular of me. Also, as usual I wanted to eat the fruit by the end of the series! To change the subject entirely, how is Caroline’s hand?

    • It was a nice change of pace for me too. I will probably try doing a few of these in every set from now until spring. The stills are my winter project, and I am glad I stuck with them because they have taught me some new things! Caroline has an appointment today to get her stitches out. Hard to believe it has already been ten days!

  4. Wonderfully inspiring images – especially the glass jar and orange, the black and white shot, and of course, then ‘flower’. I’m just beginning to tackle still life and admire your skills.

    • Hey, appreciate you taking the time. Still Life is a lot of fun and you can give it a slant too. It doesn’t just have to be a bunch of stuff you throw together and make it look pretty. You can play with symbolism, allusion, make it personal , give it a mood, or alter the perception of something commonplace. I sort of like integrating tradition with my own contemporary quirks! 🙂 Many different ways to approach it and be creative. Hope you have fun with it!


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