40 thoughts on “Saturday Night Randomness

    • That top one is an oldie … shot back in the middle of summer. Just saw it in a new way when I was looking at it yesterday. Saw it in black and white and cropped a little tighter than the original framing. I can’t wait for spring and summer again so I can go on my park walks! For now, I am just stuck in the studio, but that is okay too. I can think of much worse fates! 🙂 BTW, how is the flu? Getting better, I hope.

    • Thank you! 🙂 I enjoy B&W a great deal now. It just has a different way of hitting the senses. I enjoy the bodyscape approach to nudes more so than the straightforward or statuary approaches, maybe because it is somewhat similar to macro in its perspective. It shares a similar type of abstraction, if that makes sense!

      • That definitely makes sense. I find myself sometimes only looking at details, and other times focusing on large shots. The intricacy of a flower in macro (especially in these parts) really blows my mind. I can’t see the detail with my naked eye. It’s a refreshing way to view the world. : )

    • Haha! Thanks! You know, I really do start off with collecting just random images from various folders, but sometimes they begin to connect or I start to see a connection. That is what happened this time. There were several other images that didn’t connect at all, and I left them out. Once a synthesis occurs, I just can’t ignore it. It has a life of its own! 😉

  1. Very nice collection… I wouldn’t consider that nude photography, its just artistic and there is nothing “sensitive” showing 🙂 Since its a back shot… I’m assuming its you??? :p


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