The Mill: No More

Some of you may recall that I photographed a closed down mill a few weeks ago. Last night that mill burned to the ground. It is very sad. The mill was a historical structure. It also makes me grateful that I was able to see the inside and all of the old machinery, which is no more. It is a bit unnerving. I suppose the fact that it was so old and had lasted and withstood so many decades of weathering and labor … I haven’t been into town yet to see the site, but I will drive by it this afternoon. It has been raining all morning. Here are a few extra images I have from the series a few weeks ago.













Very sad.

Here is the write-up in the local paper if you are interested: Flames Destroy Grimes Mill

27 thoughts on “The Mill: No More

  1. Wow, that’s very sad news, and a remarkable coincidence. As I commented on your original post, I have a soft spot for old mills. Very glad you were able to capture its memory. Perhaps a local historic society would like to see your photographs.

    • I know, I am very glad now I was able to photograph it. I would have really been kicking myself if I hadn’t. I will definitely check with the historical society about the photographs.

    • Yeah, I am glad I got to photograph it now! Sheesh, just never know. I was even thinking about going back this spring with a different lens. I had to use a 60mm because that was all I had at the time. I was wanting to go in with a 24mm to get wider shots, but now I’m just glad to have the ones I got!

  2. This is sad, yet it is a new reminder that nothing is permanent. We are lucky you were able to bring your art to the place in advance. Your art is far more permanent than any building!

    • Thank you, Carl. I appreciate that! I waited months and months to photograph this mill–not because I had to wait, but I just put it off. It’s a good lesson. If I had put it off much longer, it would have never happened at all.

  3. Hi Jennifer, I’m also sad to hear that it burned down. It looked so interesting, (and from memory the disco ball room) made me wonder what went on in there. From this tragedy, you hold the blessing of holding those wonderful images, that will make a difference to how the history is written. I hope a heritage centre would be interested in archiving them. Strange how things happen.


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