21 thoughts on “Joy

    • I’ve had a very interesting day … Caroline cut her hand doing the dishes (broke a glass bowl). It bled like crazy. So, I take her to the ER and she goes into shock in the waiting room. Seriously. The cut was between her fingers, pretty deep, and it just was a bleeder. Anyway, they stitch her up, give her x-rays, an EKG, the works. She is going to be fine. Nine stitches on the outside and several inside her hand. While we are at the ER, one of her friends stops by the house. She looks in the window by the door and sees blood everywhere. It really looked bad! She freaks out and shows her mom. They think we have all been murdered. They are getting ready to dial 911 and Jack shows up. He goes into the house and follows the blood to the sink, where there is broken glass. Puts two and two together. They all show up at the ER. And now they are all here, including the friend. But everything is fine.

      How was you day? lol

      • Yikes! I am so glad that she is okay. Poor thing, too. So many stitches from doing a chore? I’m not sure I would have let my mom forget that that for a long time. Or ever. πŸ™‚ What a traumatic day for everyone. I did get a bit of a chuckle over the mistaken murder scene. You certainly painted a picture!

        My day has been a day. Still sick with the ‘flu, going on 2 weeks now. I am entirely fed up and so tired. I cannot wait to feel better. At least I haven’t spent the day in the ER getting stitches so, you know, perspective.

      • Oh gosh, sorry you are still sick. That really sucks. I bet you are fed up! Those lingering flus are the worst. Hate em. I couldn’t believe how many stitches she needed. She was really brave through the whole thing. Haha, yes she was joking with me about how it happened, and how she won’t have to do the dishes anymore because she is traumatized! πŸ˜€

      • Haha, that one was an easy call. I was an adolescent girl once, too! I am not sure how well I would handle that many stitches; probably not as nicely as Caroline. I am definitely sick of being sick. My energy level is low enough that I am basically couch/bed-ridden and am doing nothing but reading and watching telly. I wish I could write a sustained piece, but I just do not have the energy.

  1. I came to tell you that, when looking at the picture, I can almost feel the breeze blowing! Beautiful! Then I got distracted by the story of the ER … glad everything is ultimately ok!

    • She is fine now, thanks! Yes, it was really terrifying! Unbelievable how much blood she lost from a cut on her hand. Soaked through a bath towel, seriously. It just would not stop. That is why they ran so many tests. Thought maybe something was up with it not clotting, but I guess it was partly the area and the way it was cut. The hand is so delicate and there’s not much tissue there to protect it, especially between the fingers. But she is okay now. Stitches come out in 7 – 10 days.


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