Morning Walk

Nikon D800, Nikkor Micro 60mm, abstract, nature, photogrpahy

***Nikon D800, Nikkor Micro 60mm, abstract, nature, photogrpahy


Nikon D800, Nikkor Micro 60mm, abstract, nature, photogrpahy

Very chilly morning, so I bundled up and tried to keep moving. I miss spring and summer. Not just for the warmer temperatures, but It is really beginning to look barren. I may finally get to Trader Joe’s today. I need to return an external drive to Best Buy. I bought a My Book Live, but could not get it setup for the life of me.

Also, I am on the cover of the latest issue of MiPOesias. Like literally, it is a self-portrait. It was not my idea! But I must admit, it is kinda fun, and I have been teasing Jack about it nonstop for two days. This is a Found Poem issue for iPad, and it can be downloaded for free by clicking on the image.


15 thoughts on “Morning Walk

    • LOL, thanks! 😀 Yeah, I was walking around for about 45 min, not finding very much to get interested in, so I head home and on my way up the driveway I spot a frozen puddle with the sun hitting it. How ironic that the most interesting thing was a frozen puddle 100 feet away from my door!

      • Too funny! It’s a good thing you were paying attention, as it would be easy to miss something so close to home. I love that the top image doesn’t even look like a mud puddle. From that angle, it could be part of a much larger body of water.

  1. Exciting to see your portrait on the cover! Here we have less than 10 mins as 2012. Thank you for your impressive photos and articles. Looking forward to see the ones in the new year, too!

  2. What a fantastic post. The images are stunning. I am a digital artist, so I am very much drawn to these Morning Walk images. Fluidity and texture. And congrats on the cover shot. I am subscribing to your blog. If you have a moment check out my blog.

    • Hey, thanks! I’ll definitely check out your blog. I try to go for a morning walk at least a few times a week if weather permits. It is easier in the summer, that’s for sure!


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