Mystery Still

What is it?

Mystery Still

The Mystery Still will be revealed tomorrow. Any guesses as to what it might be? 

I tested out the new lens on the mystery still. No regrets for this one. Works super nicely, and they are easy to find used at a decent price. Mine is the AF Micro 60mm 2.8D. This one has an aperture ring. There is another version without one, and I have read it is a little better–it may have VR, mine doesn’t. But I wanted this one so I could also use it on my film camera. It is fairly light, which means I can shoot handheld. The 105mm is just way too heavy for me to try and hold still for prolonged periods of time.

I went to Best Buy today to finish up a little shopping and good grief, that place was just a mess. I had to wait almost 30 minutes just to get a salesperson to help me. Unfortunately, I have to go back tomorrow to exchange an item. After that, just a few odds and ends and I am done with shopping. I still have to buy Cuddles her Christmas present. I may get her a huge fluffy bed. Lately she wants to sleep on my lap all the time. She wants to be up in the chair with me, rolled over on her back. It is cute, but really, she weighs 40lb now. I suppose I have spoiled her just a little.

16 thoughts on “Mystery Still

  1. great macro, my guess……it’s my spine 🙂 I always do my shopping on computer so much better way to avoid lines, crowds and other things.

    • Thanks! I try to do the shopping online, but there are always a few things I forget to pick up and just last minute gifts. I was waiting yesterday and getting kind of mad, but then I thought, well, I’m the one who waited until the last minute! LOL.


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