O Tannenbaum

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O Christmas tree!

I do not have my Christmas tree up yet. I was considering getting a real tree, but I just don’t think it would survive for very long with my two cats and Cuddles. I have this scene in my head of Cuddles chasing one of the cats, and the cat climbing up the tree, and Cuddles attacking the tree to get the cat out … you can fill in the details of what happens next.

Today, I had to turn in my final project for the dark room class. I made an object. It is a pop-up/collage book with my prints and a poem inside. It has 9 pages, a page for nearly every line in the poem. I may do a little video on my iPad this weekend, because photographing it is sort of pointless … it’s interactive. Some prints have a cut-out where you can see pieces of another image a few pages underneath. Some have flaps that open and you can read a line of the poem inside. There is also magazine clips, quotes, and a photograph of Dr. Ruth. I had to present it to the class.

Anyway, I got an A on it, but my professor also critiqued my “crafting.” That was definitely very challenging for me. My cutting is sloppy and the parchment paper wrinkled when I tried to glue it down to the matting. I did cut the matting myself. I experimented with adhesives, like spray, clear glue, and rubber cement. I even used an X-Acto knife. That’s a big step for me. I also sewed together a little pouch with a button (there is a piece of paper inside it with a line from the poem), and I used cloth and metal rings to bind it.

I will probably try and make more of them. It was fun and it gives me something tangible to do with my prints. I will just have to do some research on the best adhesives to use for different kinds of material. Hopefully, I’ll get better with the crafting part.

Anyway, classes are officially over for me and my study is a mess. Time to clean it up. Cuddles wants to come in and hang out.

8 thoughts on “O Tannenbaum

  1. Congrats on your big result! The tree in the photo might be lit up at night? But it’s nice also in the daylight, especially with a bird looking at it curiously.


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