Road Trip

Here are some scans of the photos I printed on Friday.




I just scan these prints; I don’t try to correct anything. My process for printing is to make a contact sheet, use it to select a handful of images, print those images full frame (warts and all), then take them home and decide if any of them are worth a second try. This way I can study a printed version of the image and make decisions about it, like whether I want to crop it or not, expose it for longer or shorter, etc. I’ve also been playing with some dodging and burning–mostly burning. So, a few of these negatives have spots on them and if I decide to make another print, I will use Photoflo and clean them up good first.

I am considering a road trip, after the New Year. It would very much be in the spirit of my “Off Road” session the other day. Basically, I would drive from NC to Lake Charles, LA, taking byways and just stopping whenever something catches my attention. Jack is all for it. He thinks I should do it. I have asked Becca to be my roadie, but I’m not sure if she can go yet. It would be nice to have a roadie, but it’s not going to make or break my decision. I have family in Lake Charles, so that would give me a place to rest for a few days. I have some time to think about it, as I won’t be able to go until after the New Year.

23 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. I really, really like these. Especially how you photographed the travel trailer at night. Also loved the balanced composition of the two chairs on the dock with the reflection of the trees behind. So you are shooting film?!? How long. I learned photography from my dad in a home darkroom.

    • Hi Dave, thank you! I started with film in August. Signed up for a class. I took a class back in high school, but that was a very long time ago, lol. I am really enjoying it. I like the hands on approach. It will never replace digital for me, but eventually I hope to be making my own digital prints in the wet dark room too.

  2. The picture of the two chairs on the dock has lots of symbolism written into it; i.e., the chairs are waiting lonely for two people to return to continue making human history. Steve

    • Yes, there’s definitely something “missing” in that image. I think that is why I was drawn to it. I have noticed that I am drawn to photographing empty or abandoned chairs. I saw some chairs on the side of the road yesterday, and I stopped and photographed them. It is a bit eerie to be drawn to certain things and symbols. It’s very subconscious, I think, but I do wonder where it comes from.

  3. The last photograph is very powerful! It draws the viewer into it’s essence. If you get to Jasper, Alabama on your trip you might consider contacting Larry and Margaret Lee through about going to Townley to see the old jail, Boshell Grist Mill, etc…

    • I just love how the snow falls across that Airstream Camper! I wish I could make a version of the image where it always did that. πŸ˜€ Haven’t decided yet on the road trip. It would be interesting, for sure!


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