I finally have a scanner. It’s not the best scanner, though. It’s a cheapish Printer/scanner combo, but it’s better than nothing, and it’s easy to use.

I’ve just begun experimenting with my 35mm. Mainly with multiple exposures. This is on the Pentax. This camera is fully manual. I even have to do the double exposures manually by pressing the rewind button, holding down the advance and cocking the shutter–all simultaneously. It’s tricky! But my new Nikon FM has a slider button for multiple exposures, which is very nice, as I plan on doing more of this type of thing in the coming months.

Multiple exposure of Jack, a John Ashbery poem, and another shot of his face. It’s three exposures in one frame. 

This is two exposures. First a portrait of Caroline, and then a shot over that exposure of her grabbing a paint brush.

I am collaborating with a poet this winter for a publication next summer. Most likely, that collaboration will be digital, but I may do some film too if I can make it work. My plan this winter is to continue with these multiple exposures and combine them with literature. Literature continues to influence my work a great deal. 

Here are a few other prints.

Have I mentioned that Jasmine has come home to us?

9 thoughts on “Prints

    • Sorry for the late reply, the double exposures are definitely interesting. I’m working on a mess of them in the next few weeks. The scanner is a plus, but it doesn’t quite get the contrast right. They all look a little darker than they really are. Better than nothing, though! 🙂


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