19 thoughts on “Mystery Seeds

      • Yeah, I Googled what Leighton thinks it is, and I believe he is correct! But I am still waiting for the official announcement. I had fun. I wish we’d had more time, too. I will give you plenty of notice before we visit next time (probably in 3 or so months). 🙂

      • Ha, of course! Leighton has 8 relatives living in NC-1 in Asheville, 6 in Winston-Salem, and 1 in Charlotte. Including his mom! We will definitely be back.

      • I am happy to hear it! Maybe we can spend a day trolling museums and bookstores! Today, I am doing the task you did a few months back–cleaning out my study. Ugh. What a job. I have a few hours to complete it before an appointment. Hoping I can get it done, at least partially. My study is in disarray and I feel bad for even being on the computer, lol.

      • That’s my kind of day! I’ll make sure to have more free time next visit. I HATED cleaning out my studio, but was so happy when it was done. I still have some old papers to go through; I’ll get to those eventually. As for being on the computer, little breaks make the chore easier. Or that’s what I told myself, anyway. Good luck!


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