I met this bellydancer on one of my walks with the camera. She looked utterly joyful and free while bellydancing. She also teaches classes.  I am thinking about trying a few to see if I would enjoy it. 

Honestly, one of the main attractions to bellydancing for me isn’t the dancing. It’s the belt with all the jingles and bells? I’ve wanted to buy one, but I’ve never had a good enough excuse to get one. 

Until now. 

4 thoughts on “Bellydancer

  1. I don’t think thats the proper belly dancing attire… you definitely have to show off your abs, you’re supposed to have a bit of jiggle in it (thats the authentic way)… I like the non-authentic way, when she has flat abs 🙂 lol

    • She wasn’t wearing a jingle belt, but maybe she just didn’t want to show off. I definitely want to show off a little! Not my abs so much as my jingle! 😀 I was thinking the belly dance might help strengthen my core too, especially the deeper abdominal muscles, which are so hard to train with just crunches and sit ups.


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