I met Becca almost 4 years ago by total accident. We were on our way to a gathering. I was following someone because I didn’t know my way. Becca was with the person I was following. The driver had others in the car, and I had no one, so I offered to let Becca ride with me. This is how all of my “life changing” relationships happen–by total accident,¬†coincidence.

Although we don’t see each other as often as we used to, she is still one of the closest friends I’ve ever had in my life.

9 thoughts on “Becca

    • I think there may be truth to that. I often think about all the little details that led up to and went into forming these new relationships. It is sort of fascinating to me. For me, a kind of tragedy is what usually selas the deal. I don’t think I seek out tragedy, I think I just open up more than usual in the midst of it and the bonds I form are stronger because of that.

  1. I really like your photos, your portraiture is great and the way you have been taking photos of strangers (obviously not this one, but others) is something I am trying very hard to start. I have created a blog (and facebook page) for people at my university, take a look if you have time!

    • Hey, thank you! I’ll definitely check out the blog! I’ve definitely gained a little confidence in walking up to someone and listening to their story–their story is what connects me to them. I don’t think “impersonal portraiture” is really for me. I have to feel more of a connection than I just want to take their picture, if that makes sense. It’s amazing, though, how quickly that connection can be formed. I usually find it in the unrehearsed details. Looking forward to visiting your blog and thanks for stopping by!


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