11 thoughts on “Days of Pittsburgh

      • My city isn’t like that as a whole, just my neighbourhood and one or 2 others. But I like a certain amount of decrepitude with my view. I hope you feel better! I am finally okay, but my husband is sick now. I guess it is that time of year.

      • I kinda doubt Pittsburgh is like that as a whole, either. The side of town where my hotel was pretty much fit the bill, though. It was across the bridge. That’s all I really know! 🙂

    • They can make me feel a little sad too, but not really from the standpoint of the “other.” I’m aware that I am just as much a part of that landscape as the people who frequent it.

    • I’m not really sure, but it was an older part of town. My hotel was a block away. I took this shot from a convenience store when I was out walking around. I don’t really know why. It just struck me. Punched me in the gut (in a good way, of course).


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