Greenhouse Bee

Today I went to a greenhouse. I saw a few bees on the purple cone flowers. They just love these flowers. I am planting a whole mess of them in my bee garden for next spring! I want my yard to be busy-a-buzz all summer.

21 thoughts on “Greenhouse Bee

      • Me, too. Got stung very bad by wasps…a whole hive of them. Ugh! My mom could tell you stories. But, it was a bee that popped my stinging cherry.

      • If you get this 3 times, I apologize. My ‘puter was acting funny. I’ve been stung a boatload by wasps. In fact, one time I got stung by an entire angry hive (I’m the one that made it angry)…my mom could tell stories. But, my sting cherry was popped by a bumble bee first.

      • I think there is something up with the reply, a bug or something because this happened earlier with someone else too, so no worries. Too funny about the cherry, though. The first bee that stung me, I think, was a bumble bee. But I stepped on the little dude barefoot, so I kinda asked for it. Owch it hurt. I was maybe 4 years old. Never been stung by one since, though. Wasps get me every year. At least one. I was stung twice this summer. Not too bad, really, considering how much time I spent around flowers and bushes with lots of bees!

  1. Jennifer, this is a beautiful series! Great shot on the last one! I love coneflowers, too. We have a lot in our backyard and some in the front. In the fall, the goldfinches come quite frequently to feed on the seeds. I LOVE seeing them and hearing their little songs! I think it’s my favorite time in the garden.

    • The last shot is my fav too. I like the more abstract ones, sometimes. The cone flowers are so pretty. I plan on having a huge area for them, and throwing in some others that will flower in between during the season, so the bumble bees always have a spot! 🙂

  2. That’s great. I have never seen a bee with pollen on its legs. Its crystal wings are beautiful. It’s so nice you have added the last photo, the leaving bee and the remaining flower. One would like to tell at it “Bye, my bee,”

  3. A real pleasure browsing through your photographs. Love this last one which only hints at the presence of the bee, busy and unassuming in the background!


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