The Spores outside our Doors

We have had a few days of rain. Today, I found several different types of fungi in my yard. It was like a garden of mushrooms of all different shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. They were each in different stages of growth and deterioration.

The first one I discovered in the backyard, inside the new fence. I was struck by this mushrooms long neck.I had spotted a few very large mushrooms in the front yard when driving to and from the house. I’m glad I took a closer look before they vanished. They were the size of cakes, but I doubt they were edible. They were beginning to deteriorate.The next mushroom had a doughy feel to it. Like the top was solid, but the inside was soft.I really love these mushrooms with the reddish tops. I found several. They had just come up.  A leaf must’ve fallen on one of them and adhered. The skin of the mushroom had melted into the leaf.These little brown ones were soft and fuzzy.This one was very flat.These buttons were very tiny. This one had broken and rolled over on its back. These were just husks of old mushrooms. Grass sprouted out from inside of them. I found about 8-10 different mushrooms in my yard. I’m not entirely sure if some of them are the same, but just in different stages of life and growing and then fading away. 

9 thoughts on “The Spores outside our Doors

    • I know, I really couldn’t believe how many different types there were just in my yard! Granted, we live in the country, and have about an acre of land that is cleared, so that makes a difference too–they have a lot of room and different places to grow. Some grew in the sunny areas, others in the shade, still others in more wet spots. It’s interesting. 🙂

  1. I have not looked at mushrooms in so detail as you have shown us. I like their smooth surfaces Mushrooms are really plants of autumn…here in Japan many people love hiking and finding edible mushrooms. There are some people with special knowledge and experiences to tell which mushroom is edible or toxic. I have not heard that such ability could run a business, but such people are respected in their hiking communities.


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