The River

I had planned on going to the auction this morning, but it was overcast and drizzling, and I just didn’t feel up to such a long drive. So, I went to the river instead. I really just turned down a road near my house to investigate it, but I ended up at the river. I parked and went for a little walk … in the mud.

Glad I wore my boots.

12 thoughts on “The River

    • Thanks! The bank was like quicksand! I was holding onto tree limbs, lol. BTW, where in Africa did you travel? I am narrowing it down to countries now: Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, South Africa … it’s a big continent, lol.

      • I went to South Africa –> Kruger Park in Particular and it was a lot of fun. I hear from others that Tanzania might be better for wildlife… try to look up the great migration and see if you can time it… that is something to experience.


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