12 thoughts on “Orange Chili Pepper

    • I chopped a bit up and put it in my rice. 😀 It’s not real hot, but kinda spicy. I have another, a red one, and I was warned that it is super hot. I got a small bag of these peppers at the auction. One of the regulars grows them in the garden and has a little vegetable stand.

      • All of that AND a vegetable stand? Sweet. I love peppers of all kinds. They are probably my fave things to buy from farmers markets. I particularly love the last image, by the way. The black and white gives it an extra dimension. 🙂

      • I love all peppers except for green peppers? I don’t know why … just don’t care for them. Love yellows and oranges and reds … it’s strange. The last one was my favorite of the batch too, but I enjoyed photographing it. I tried an eggplant about a week ago and just couldn’t get into it. It was so boring, lol.

      • Green peppers are my least favourite (they are a bit too bland) but I will eat them if they are in a dish. We never, ever have them at home, though, because they are one of 2 foods that my chef husband hates. Poor, poor eggplant! Too bad it didn’t make the grade, but as long as you ate it then it wasn’t a total wash. You should buy Thai eggplants next time. They are so delicious and are absolutely adorable, too. 🙂

      • I’ll have to look for Thai eggplants. We don’t have many good grocery stores here, unfortunately. If I want something different I usually have to go to Charlotte to find it. I will pick out the green peppers from a dish, usually. I don’t hate them, just prefer not to eat them if given a choice!

      • Thai eggplants are small, roundish, green-and-white and sweet. The inside is a bit gross-looking (and I am being technical here) but they are so good. 🙂 My husband always asks that green peppers be omitted from any restaurant dish that is unfortunate enough to contain them. He has eaten some really vile things in his job and/or travels but hates bland green peppers. Go figure!


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