Huge Mushroom

I found a huge mushroom in my backyard this morning.

The stem of it was thicker than a kiwi and it must’ve weighed over a pound. It felt soft and rubbery. It was very dirty and insects were living inside of it. I placed it on an old board and photographed it upstairs. I was sort of relieved to put it back outside. It was fascinating and I enjoyed photographing it, but it was too close to nature to be inside my house, if that makes sense. Normally, I do not remove the things I see outside, but Cuddles attacked this mushroom and it broke off at the stem.

10 thoughts on “Huge Mushroom

    • Cuddles didn’t really damage it very much. She basically just broke it off at the stem. It was a very clean break! It was a bit creepy to touch and handle, but I only had to do so while placing it on the board and then turning it a bit while photographing it. I washed my hands really good after putting it back outside! šŸ™‚


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