So Yesterday I had to get my oil changed, and while I was waiting, I walked around the area with my camera. I saw this man working outside at a restaurant and asked if I could take his photo. He told me afterward that his name was Alex. He asked me to bring him a copy of the photo, so I will have to get a print made this week and drop it off to him. I do not take photos of strangers very often, but I’m thinking a good time to practice would be during the hour between classes. I had planned on going to the gym, but I really don’t want to go to my darkroom class after the gym, considering the small size of our darkroom. It just seems kinda rude to force others into a small room with me after I leave the gym.Β  It would also solve the Sweet Frog issue. I have been going to Sweet Frog during my hour break. I have to drive right by it on the way to my next class.

Anyway, my darkroom class is downtown and there are usually people out and about. It is next to the courthouse and other businesses. I plan on asking the people I photograph. I’m not very interested in “street photography” in the sense that I go out and photograph people without their knowledge. I have nothing against that type of photography, and I like a lot of it, but it’s not really of interest to me at this point. I’m more interested in approaching people I do not know and asking if I can take their photograph. I use a fixed lens, so I have to get pretty close to my subjects.

So, great, I have a new project, “Meeting Strangers Between Classes.” I start today.

12 thoughts on “Alex

  1. sounds more than interesting, and quite fun ! good lucks and wish you great shots with your new future project :–)


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