I decided to photograph a pomegranate for two reasons. The first reason is that my favorite flavor at Sweet Frog is called “raspberry pomegranate.” The second reason was that I had never bought a fresh one. Just have no idea what to do with one. I was quite surprised when I cut the pomegranate open. I did not expect it to be full of seeds. It was very messy.

13 thoughts on “Pomegranate

  1. Lovely pics, you can either eat the seeds alone, but I like to tap the seeds out with the back of a spoon onto a salad, there are loads of recipes online on what to do with them. BTW i am not logged in atm, so i will only see what comments are here afte ri post, so apologies if anyone has made other suggestions.

  2. What a beautiful color….Pomegranates are , as far as i see, not so commonly stacked in a fruit shop in our country, yet its red color is widely praised. It’s in your picture like a spinner which fell down after a spin. Yeah, looks lovely.

    • I have only seen them in one grocery store where I live … we don’t have a large variety of grocery stores like a city, but one of them is quite good for produce. The color of the fruit is what caught my eye first, but I was also curious to see what it would look like inside.

  3. Your photographs leave me breathless and eager to take more of my own. There is something so intimate about the way you photograph the fruits and vegetables, it reminds me of Georgia O’Keeffe. I hope this is not offensive but there is almost a sexuality in the avocado and pomegranate series, something reminiscent of the human body. So beautiful!

    • Hi, thanks so much for stopping by the blog! It’s interesting what you say about the connection to the body. I began photographing muscles and food. I was doing bodybuilding at the time and nutrition is such an important part of that. I still do bodybuilding, but not intensely due to injuries. I do think there is something intimate about food; we even use some of the same language to describe both food and intimacy. Appreciate your thoughts! πŸ™‚


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