Saturday Night Randomness

The only thing I have done today is play with Cuddles and go to the gym. I’ve done a few other things, but I haven’t gone out on any photoescapades. I researched SLR cameras. I’m leaning on the Nikon F4 but I haven’t made any final decisions. I did some homework. I did some housework. I played with Cuddles again. I read blogs. I read a few other things. Next thing I know it’s almost 9 P.M. I was going through my folders for this month and I have lots of images that never made it to the blog for one reason or another. Sometimes an image doesn’t quite fit into the narrative structure of the post or maybe I had several groups of images on a photoescapade and I just chose one group to post. It’s also possible that something happened, and the images I intended to post had to take the back burner for something else. At any rate, the images below are ones that didn’t make it to the blog for various reasons.

A shot at the park in the morning …

A Sleeping Bee …

Jasmine in the woods …

A bee’s tongue!

Hello Kitty …

A Bell and Cobweb …

A Rose is a rose is a  …

Super Cuddles

Tomorrow I may look through July’s folders.

That’s all.

14 thoughts on “Saturday Night Randomness

  1. These are all great images, too. Of course I would not expect anything less. Super Cuddles is just what I needed to see tonight! I also really love the sleeping bee photo.

    • Thanks! That bee looked a little drunk, like it had passed out, lol. Hard to belive I’ve had Cuddles now for over 2 weeks! She is getting soooo big. I swear, she’s tripled.

      • She is so cute it is even hard to train her! Her cuteness is distracting. I’m trying to teach her not to chew on people, lol. She’s teething and wants to chew on anything, but I want to break her of chewing on fingers and limbs before she gets real teeth (puppy teeth are super SHARP!) Anyway, even that is hard because she’s so cute about it!

  2. Every image is so beautiful! I like bees especially, because they are diligent and brave. Thank you to show us many features of bees’ lives! And the Hello-Kitty car was also beautiful. We call such colorfully-painted car “Itasha,” which you could find an English explanation in Wikipedia.


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