The Lonely Magnolia

Last night the girls joined me at the park. They ran around, laughing and squealing, while I took photos of the bees. Then we walked around for a while and spotted this very young magnolia tree. It was in a part of the woods where there were no nearby trees. This park has a few very old and large magnolia trees, and they are all next to one another, touching, so this one really stood out as being all by itself. It only had one flower.

We named it, “The Lonely Magnolia.”

3 thoughts on “The Lonely Magnolia

  1. Magnolia! I have noticed at the name of the flower in various books, and also seen the large white flower blooming lonely at the top of the trees nearby, but could not bind them. Now that your flower has been given the name, it’s not lonely any more. It watches gently the girl below.

    • The leaves on these trees are very glossy, and the flowers are just huge. The flower buds go through a few different stages before they fully open and each stage is lovely and interesting.


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