Bee Spots

This morning I went back to the park to see if my bees were still around. First, I went to the cluster of pink flowers and it looked like the bee version of a ghost town. The flowers had wilted, were drooping, and practically bleached of color. But I found them in the other spot, by the creek. There were not as many, but it could have been the time of day too. I uncap my lens and get one shot and it fogs up instantly from the heat and humidity. So, I decide to walk to another spot and let my camera catch up to the temperature.

The bees were busy eating at the next spot.

I sat down very close to the flowers and pretty soon I was surrounded by bees. They are very quick on these flowers. They latch on, duck in, duck out, and they’re on to the next one. It all happens in a split second. After ten minutes, I was ready to move. I got up and was walking off when I noticed this gigantic bee. It appeared to be sleeping underneath a leaf. It is definitely the largest bumblebee I have seen so far. It was probably a good inch long and half as wide. It was so heavy that when it finally stirred and crawled over the top of the branch, the branch shifted with it.

It had such an interesting face. Almost like a mammal instead of an insect.

It moved very slow. It even flew slow. I followed it to the other side of the garden. Every flower it landed on sagged. When it would fly away, the flower would pop back up.

It had gorgeous wings, like stained glass.

Finally it flew too far up the tree for me to follow, so I left. I was going to just call it a day, but I spotted a few bees on a different type of flower, which was really neat.

The bees were so funny eating from these flowers. They stick their whole head inside with just their legs sticking out and wiggling around.

After the bee finished, it crawled on a petal, and it almost looked as if it were scratching itself like a dog.

Finally, I made it back to the first bee spot I visited. I noticed the bees had company on this tree. I don’t know this bug’s name, but I love its markings. It looks like a child drew white flowers on its body.

The bees didn’t seem to mind the flowerchild bugs. They all ate together, although the bees were not exactly considerate. If a bug was in its way, it would just crawl right over it. Land on it. Push it out of the way. So, they weren’t exactly friends, either. It was nice to see my bees again, but it was getting hot. I don’t feel hot very easily. I can still feel pretty comfortable and normal in 95+ degrees. But I stood up and felt dizzy, so I knew it was time to go.

Next time, I’ll go at dusk when it’s cooler.

The End

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