The Kafka Crabs

So, the other day at the beach I spotted the larger crabs, which were lovely and curious and even held quite still. Later that same day, I went out to do some shooting during low tide. It had rained a bit in the morning, but the sun had come out and it was hot and humid. I didn’t know I would find crabs at this spot. I originally stopped to take a landscape shot, but then I saw the weird crabs.

They were tiny and there were hundreds of them. They flocked in packs as I stepped in the wet sand. Some raced to tiny holes, others headed for the grass, piles of dirty shells, or random pieces of debris that the low tide had exposed. I won’t lie, they gave me the creeps and yet I stayed out of fascination. I had to squat down and stay still until they slowly came out from the holes and grasses and crawled over each other and out from other hiding places. At one point, I was surrounded and it freaked me out so bad that I stood up really quick and they shot off in all directions. Many of them had one small claw and one large claw. I felt as if I had just stepped into some weird story by Kafka. I don’t know what their real name is, but some of them have beautiful shells, although they sort of look like inkblots or a Rorschach test. Very Kafkaesque.

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