Wet Bees

I got some shots of bees while at the park yesterday. Many of the bees were still wet from the rain.

The bees didn’t seem to mind being wet. This one was wet and still sleeping on the petal of this flower with its legs thrown over the side.

I also found a few new spots for bees, with different flowers.

Not all of the bees were wet. Some were busy eating and had dried off, probably from flying around.

These flowers are very pretty, but incredibly difficult to photograph the bees, as they only stay on the flower for a split second before moving. But how they get the nectar is so interesting to watch. They stick their whole head inside the flower. It all happens in just a moment. They’re in, out, and off to another in the blink of an eye.

I’m really off to the beach today, leaving in a few minutes. I’m going to miss the bees, but I’m looking forward to what I might find in the sand or plants.

The End

10 thoughts on “Wet Bees

  1. How nice to sleep on a petal bed….It’s incredible you have caught the very instance that a bee suspending in the air, putting his head into a flower.

    • Hmm … they do seem to prefer certain flowers over others. There are many kinds of flowers at the park, but the bees are usually only in a few spots, usually where there are many flowers of the same type. I’m thinking about doing some fall planting, and I’m going to plant the same kind of flowers in a cluster instead of different ones, so that I might attract more bees! 😀


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