Bees in B&W

I haven’t been back out to photograph the bees. It has rained on and off for two days. These are just a few photos I wanted to try in monochrome. Tomorrow, I am off to the beach until the middle of next week. Maybe I will find some beach bees. If not, I’m sure I’ll find something. The plants at the beach are so unique and interesting. I want to try some longer exposures with waves too.

Totally unrelated, but today my daughter and I went to Sweet Frog in another town and they had a few flavors the more local Sweet Frog does not keep in stock. They had lemon, raspberry pomegranate, Milky Way, and mint cookie. The lemon was divine. If you mix it with Cake batter and sprinkle granola on top, it tastes like frozen lemon bars.

The End



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