Up All Night

Last night we had a lawn rave …

The lawn rave was a short one. I was tired and it was late. One boy showed up to the lawn rave. His name is Michael and he is my daughter’s “boyfriend.” He seems like a sweet kid and he offered to help Caroline do the dishes, which won some points with me. It was the first time he came over to the house. I also had Jasmine, Niki, and Breanna here. We all hung outside on the porch and then did the lawn rave, briefly.

Michael’s mom picked him up and Breanna went home too. I was tired, so I told the girls to get to bed. I fall asleep. I’m woken up at 4 a.m. My daughter is crying, hysterical. I’m thinking the absolute worst, of course. Finally she tells me Niki broke her iPod. The screen is cracked. I get up and go downstairs and I can tell by looking at the three of them that they haven’t been to bed. I’m pissed. They know it. We had plans in the morning. I tell them they better get to sleep because they have to be up at 9 a.m. I was nice and let them sleep in until 9:30.

Up All Night

We did accomplish what we set out to accomplish, so the day was not a total loss. They are pretty worn out, though, lol. I think they will get to bed at a decent time tonight. We may have another lawn rave too.

I’m pretty sure I have my classes set for fall now. I’ve decided to take a darkroom photo class. I’m just interested in learning about it. I love digital, but I think understanding the darkroom can only help, not hurt. I’m also taking a portfolio class. I have all these shots from the bodybuilding shows, and I still have 4 shows to go, so I need a way to organize them. I have a few ideas, but I don’t know yet. I photograph Amanda again on Monday. I have two new women to photograph in August, although it’s still early and who knows? Sometimes they drop out a week or two before the show because they’re not ready. I’m pretty sure about one, though.Β  Finally, I’m taking an art history class. Now I just need to remember to pay for them, lol.

8 thoughts on “Up All Night

  1. This time the girl seems to enjoy not only firework but also set herself before the lens. I bet at least one of them should be brought up to be a pro-model. So they could buy thousands of iPhone.

    • LOL! That is what they would buy too–iPhones, iPods, and iPads! πŸ˜€ They are all talented in their own way, it’s neat. Niki is my actress. Jasmine is the poser. And Caroline creates mood and drama. They are the perfect trio. πŸ™‚


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