Earlier this evening, Jasmine let me practice on her with my 35 mm. I haven’t had this lens for very long or used it much yet. I brought it with me to Chapel Hill a few weeks ago–it was the only lens I brought–and I shot around with it for a few days, but I put my 40 mm back on the camera as soon as I got home.

I use a zoom when I shoot the bodybuilding shows because I can’t get out of my seat or move around, but I prefer a fixed lens and that is what I use 90% of the time. I bought this lens because my 40 mm is a little beat up and I needed something better for the study. This lens has a f/1.8; my 40 is f/2.8. So, it’s great for low-light situations.

It does have auto-focus, but I don’t use it. It’s a tricky lens to manually focus, but so is my 40 mm, and I suppose I’ll just get used to it with practice. I used a tripod for this and it helped! As usual, I used natural light–a window in my study and two reflectors.

This lens is sharp as a tack. I was amazed at the detail. You can actually see the veins in the whites of her eyes. lol, at her age, she can get away with such magnification and it even adds something interesting, imo.  It’s almost surreal, just like this strange and beautiful time in her life when everything changes so fast, and it’s impossible to understand what it all means.

Anyway, I like this lens for portraits of the girls. I will probably use it more often now for this purpose.



5 thoughts on “Jasmine

    • You can do a lot with reflectors, yes. I had Lilly, Jasmine’s little sister, shifting and moving them around for me as the light changed and the sun went in and out of the clouds. The white wall adds a nice bounce from behind too.

    • Thanks! Manual focus on this 35 is definitely tricky. I used a tripod and it helped. It’s one of those lenses where if you move even a fraction, the part you want in focus is out of focus. My 40 mm is a little like that too, but I’ve had a lot of practice with it and normally I shoot with it handheld.


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