6 thoughts on “Caroline

    • Oh thanks, appreciate the comment! 🙂 She has begun to enjoy trying different approaches in front of the camera. Used to be all she wanted to do was joke around, which is okay too! This was a very simple set-up. Used my window, a reflector on the floor and on the side. We also had a fan! After seeing Niki’s hair shot, they all want flyways hair now. One sees one doing something, and they all want to do it. The hair shot happened because Caroline saw that I had done that location with Jasmine and Niki, so she wanted to do it. LOL.

  1. gorgeous lighting and a beautiful portrait of your beautiful daughter 🙂

    great use of natural light and do you mean to say you have not used a single strobe or softbox! amazing how you have pulled it off. The background is pretty neat too. is that your wall or did you use a backdrop/seamless paper ?

    • Thank you for the nice comment! 🙂 I have not used strobes or softboxes … yet! The background is my wall. I painted it glossy ultra white a few months ago. I needed more reflection in this area, as the other walls are painted darker, and I was struggling for light even during the day with full sun. It has worked wonders so far. I have so much more light and flexibility now.

      • that is one nice wall setup you have. I am just beginning to explore the ‘controlled artificial lighting’ /’studio lighting’ aspects and your post is a great example that it is not always the gear but how you use it that matters 🙂

      • The studio lighting/flashes/strobes are still mostly a mystery to me. I have experimented some, and learned a little from shooting the bodybuilding shows, but I’ve just barely scratched the surface. That is the fun part, though– there’s always something new to learn and try! 🙂


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