Night Portraits

Last night I tried some night portraits with longer exposures. The exposures on these are not super long, but longer than your average portrait. I had to mess around a bit and figure out how long I could expose without getting too much distortion. I photographed the girls. I told them to be dramatic, whatever that word meant to them, but to be dramatic while holding perfectly still. I usually just give them a word and let them try to define it for themselves. Part of what is interesting for me is to see how they define it. I learn something about them that maybe I didn’t know before. They did really good at holding still too. I was impressed.

For lighting, I used tiki torches. I placed one on each side of the girls. The one on my left was a tall torch giving off a bigger flame than the small one on my right. I had my daughter, who is in the middle shot, move closer to the smaller torch. The exposure on that shot was F 4.5 / 1.0 / ISO 400. The other two were F 4.0 / .3 / ISO 400. So, the shutter speed wasn’t super slow, but slower than average. I really like the shadows from the torches.

We also had a lawn rave…

lol, that arm reaching into the frame with the sparkler cracks me up! The first shot has the same exposure time as the shot with my daughter. So, she really did have to hold a bit still! Unfortunately, the lawn rave got cut short when a coyote started howling. The girls were convinced it was a child screaming in the forest. It totally creeped them out! They want to do another one tonight, though, lol. My BFF is also coming over. She wants me to do some portraits of her and her girlfriend. That was kinda why I tried out the night portraits last night. I wanted to see how they would look.

More BRAT …

I may take the Subaru for a little spin this weekend. The girls will be over, of course. They want to do another lawn rave tonight. Amanda is coming over too so we can book our flight to Philly in July, or is it Pitts? I can’t remember. Anyway, she’s decided to do the Master’s National. Masters is for bodybuilders who are over 35 years of age. I will not be in the show, just photographing it. I skipped the lawn rave last night because I have my doctor’s appointment this morning. I wanted to get a good night’s sleep. I’m seeing a back specialist. Have no clue what he will suggest, but I hope he doesn’t just try to give me pain pills. If he does, I may just get mad. I’m so tired of doctor’s who want to write me scripts and not get to the bottom of this. I can deal with the pain. I’ve been doing that for over a year. I want to know what the problem is. Wish me luck.